Blocked Drains & Drain Repairs


Blocked Drains & Drain Repairs

Blocked Drain Experts

At Friendly Plumbing, our drainage technicians are skilled at unblocking sewers and stormwater drains. We will get you running and we’ll clean up the mess!

Blocked drains at home or in your commercial property really do affect your daily routine. If you want to get your household or property back to running smoothly, then we are the right people for the job. We work 24/7 to respond to emergency drainage call outs across the Sydney region.

DIY drain unblocking techniques tend to be time-consuming and only ever offer a temporary fix or increase the work. Our advice? Leave it to Friendly Plumbing.

Friendly Plumbers use CCTV camera to find leaks, blockages and breaks in the pipe without digging or excavating.